viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Internet victim

For the first time I have been invaded by an internet spy (the sh**s). A Chinese electrical retailer whom I am not going to give the satisfaction of advertising their name somehow sent an e-mail to all my hotmail contacts from my e-mail address saying 'Hi we're an electrical retailer etc...'

Not so bad you might think, a friend told me that she keeps getting porn being sent (try explaining that to your mum) but now I've had to send messages to contacts whom I haven't spoken to for years and not removed them from my contacts list telling them not to open the first e-mail I've sent them in years. A bit uncomfotable that.

So apart from boycotting Chinese eletrical retailers (whom I've dealt with so often in the past. Not) and uniting me with protestors the world over I am also now forced to update my contacts list which is a bit like cleaning under the bed (something that needs doing but always gets put off).

This is a warning to lazy internet users everywhere.
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