jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

Best Job in the World. Please.

Having become bored with my current employment situation I lay awake one night recently thinking 'What is the best job in the world?'

At 34 I'm too old too be a professional footballer, and NASA still have not replied to my application to be the first astronaut in history who knows nothing about flying, rockets, or space. So I need ideas.

Sperm donor I hear you say. Unfortunately my honesty means I would have to describe my legs and I fear that would leave me without potential customers. A case in California (where else) a couple of years ago was reported where a donor described as 1m 85cm tall, blond hair, and athletic in build was one of the most popular donors this establishment had ever had. What was missing from the description was that he had a face like a Picasso and more body hair than a gorilla. So sperm donor is out.

My suggestion (and I welcome comments) is ........bed tester! Yes, bed tester. There must be someone out there who's job it is to test beds for comfort, build quality, stability etc . I could do that. Job benefits include:
1) The hours are good
2) No one shouts at you for sleeping on the job
3) Just occasionally your colleague might surprise you.

So I put forward Bed Tester as the best job in the world, if anyone has a better suggestions let me know.
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